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Telluride Arts Finalizes Purchase of Transfer Warehouse

Yesterday, Telluride Arts finalized the purchase of the Telluride Transfer Warehouse, a major step towards transforming the space into a vibrant Center for the Arts. This is an important milestone in the implementation of the Telluride Cultural Master Plan, adopted in 2012 with extensive community input.

This date marks the culmination of five years of planning, dreaming, fundraising, due diligence, negotiations, and design which has produced a visionary project that will transform the iconic historic structure into a cultural and architectural landmark.

The existing stone walls were completely restored by master stonemasons last summer as a condition of the sale, and the building is safe and stable for the first time in 40 years. The plan is to create a building inside of the historic walls that will provide new spaces for art exhibits, events, and intimate community gatherings. The Warehouse will be a beacon for local and visiting artists who will intersect, inspire, connect, and thereby advance their work and sales by drawing in a wider audience.

Telluride Arts looks forward to developing this cultural asset for the benefit of the community we serve.

This accomplishment was made possible through the stalwart guidance and generosity of the board of Telluride Arts and our advisors and donors, the Town of Telluride, San Miguel County, Colorado Creative Industries, the National Endowment for the Arts, ArtSpace, Boettcher Foundation, the State Historic Fund, National Historic Trust, LTL Architects, Silman Engineering, Telluride Transfer LLC and their team, numerous foundations and the multitude of non-profit partners, artists, and community members who have joined us to plan, dream, and have shown up for us at every turn.

The building, in its current roofless and spectacular state, will be open for both public and private events beginning in June. Telluride Arts invites the community to join us in advancing a culture of the arts in the Telluride Arts District and achieving the goals of our Cultural Master Plan.   Join us for the Summer Fundraising Kick Off Party July 3.